10 Easy Ways to Advertise Locally

In the world of marketing, having a local advertising strategy is a must. Our digital marketing firm knows local advertising can be a great way to help you expand your professional presence – especially if you’re a small business.

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A Search Engine Better Than Google?

These days, when it comes to researching, you probably only turn to one search engine for answers: Google. You won’t find too many people who prefer Bing or Yahoo, and it’s mainly because Google has everything to offer its users… or does it?

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Sitting vs. Standing: The Best Way to Work

If you haven’t noticed, the past several years have been full of new ways to work out, eat well, stay active, and live longer. One of the biggest introductions to a healthy lifestyle was the standing desk, encouraging individuals with office jobs to stand while they work instead of sit. But is standing really as good for you as they say?

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Being Professional vs. Being Personal on Social Media

Today, nearly everyone has a profile on at least one social media site, which friends, family members, and even employers can see what you’ve been posting. So the big question is: How much should you let your true personality show? Our internet marketing company found an article from Heidi Cohen, creator of Actionable Marketing Guide, that sheds some light on the subject.

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The Details Behind Dark Traffic

Did you know? A significant amount of your website’s traffic doesn’t get accounted for in your web analytics, and because it’s unaccounted for, it can’t be factored into your marketing assessments. The common term for this mystery traffic is “dark traffic,” but what exactly is it and what can it do?

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