Keep Your Site Up-to-Date, Fast, and Secure

Website Maintenance

You’re looking for a way to make changes to your website quickly and easily without the hassle of managing your own site. At Prager, we know that when certain things change at your business, they may need to change on your website and you might not have the time or tools to do that on your own. That’s where our website maintenance service packages come in. More than just making on-page edits, website maintenance involves content updates, security, backups, and more. We make sure your site has accurate information, loads quickly, and is safe from spam and other issues that affect your ability to serve your customers. We offer a variety of website maintenance service packages to suit any combination of needs.

On-Demand Website Updates

If you want to change something on your websites, such as your product pricing, your coupons, or specials, or if you want to add or remove team members, all you have to do is send us an email. We will respond to your request right away and one of our web development experts will take care of your change (typically in less than 48 hours). If your change is more than just a quick update and requires more intricate website coding or other efforts, we can take care of that too. No update is too big or too small.

Is Your Current Provider Taking Too Long?

We’re here to serve you no matter what you need or how fast you need it. Whether you want to delete a word or have a whole new section or even website created, our team will always be responsive to your needs and make sure that we complete your request in a timely manner. We’re committed to our client’s satisfaction just as you are to yours.

Plugin Updates and Security Exploits

Most websites today utilize plugins to provide various levels of functionality and when they aren’t maintained and updated, your site can break. Plugins are also a security concern as old, out-dated plugins can provide hackers backdoor access to your site. These exploits open the door not only for malicious code but also for inappropriate content being served on your domain. Whether we host your site or not, it’s important to know which plugins you have and when to update them.

Set Yourself Up for Success

You know your site is safe and you’re able to manage the updates that you need, but how do you get visitors to your site? As a full-service digital agency, Prager offers several digital marketing solutions such as search engine optimization, paid search management, email marketing, and social media management. These solutions, paired with our website maintenance service packages can give your website, and your business, a boost in traffic and ultimately improve your bottom-line.

More Than Just Website Maintenance Services

Our team of digital experts knows the ins and outs of all things web-related. We’re web developers, content strategists, and marketing experts that are capable of enhancing any brand in any industry. If you need more than just some regular updates or someone to keep a finger on the pulse of your website, we offer a variety of digital solutions that can benefit your online presence.

Search Engine Optimization

Many people think SEO is a simple part of building a successful website. While it is a vital part of your site’s construction and composition, it isn’t always simple. Search Engine Optimization goes above and beyond the little tweaks and content changes and dives deeper into keyword research and search trends. We’re able to run an audit on your site and let you know what areas need to be improved, then enact a plan to put your site in a position to succeed.

Managed Web and WordPress Hosting

If you’re looking to move your site away from your current provider, we offer monthly web hosting plans that can incorporate the website maintenance services mentioned previously. Having control over your server allows us to further optimize your site so that you can be successful. Even if you’re planning on keeping your hosting where it is, we’re still able to provide the on-site updates and plugin management that you need.


Let Us Know What You Need

Every client is unique, that’s why you don’t see a table of pricing options and tiered website maintenance service package names. We want to get to know you and what you need so that we can set up a plan that works for you. Contact us today to find out how Prager can help ease the hassle of website maintenance for you.