Don’t Let Negative Reviews Hurt Your Brand

Online Reputation Management

We know that your primary goal is to be successful, which means the last thing you’d want is negative information strewn all over the internet about your business. The good news is there’s a way to counteract the negatives and keep your online reputation positive. At Prager, we have found that many customers are only likely to write a review after a bad experience than after a good experience. It’s one of the most frustrating things about running a business. Our online reputation management company can help you restore your reputation and instill trust in potential customers.

How Can We Help Your Online Reputation?

We know it’s hard to satisfy everyone and unfortunately your company’s reputation can be easily compromised because of only a handful of unhappy customers. Our online reputation management consulting company builds a strategy to help replace negative feedback with positive feedback in the form of content. Good content reestablishes credibility and by optimizing that content, we can help you outrank the negative responses. We can also address customer complaints directly and rectify any troublesome situations where possible to help you succeed.

Engage With Bad (and Good) Reviews

Many disgruntled customers just want to be heard. They may have a legitimate complaint or simply have buyer’s remorse. Regardless of the situation, you don’t want their bad experience to deter a potential customer from purchasing your goods or services. When you find a negative review on your business listing, social media or other online platforms, it often helps your reputation to respond. By showing that particular customer you are paying attention, you will often get their respect and may be able to work things out with them to either change or remove the bad review. Being tactful in your responses shows potential customers that you care about what you do and want to make sure that your customers are satisfied. We understand that businesses operating at high volume may make this task quite difficult. That is where our online reputation monitoring service can be deployed to make sure your company gets the positive reputation it deserves.

Your Online Reputation Involves More Than Just Reviews

When we speak of online reputation, we’re not just talking about your customers and what they say about you. Your online reputation is actually deeply rooted in your company’s search engine optimization. Any business can end up on a directory listing with positive or negative reviews. It’s imperative to build your own positive reputation starting with your website. Through diligent SEO practices, you can use your own website to outrank the places that may have negative content about your business. To promote your company in a positive light you need robust content and a website structure that will help you rank well on search engines. Online reputation management paired with a well-constructed and well-maintained website is a recipe for success.

Did You Know?

80% of consumers change their minds about a recommended purchase based on negative information online. By replacing and overshadowing negative feedback with positive feedback from happy customers, we can help relieve your frustration.

Choose Prager to Manage Your Online Reputation

As a full-service digital agency, we’re well-versed in all aspects of the online landscape. We manage marketing campaigns for companies in a variety of industries so we have dealt with just about every type of online reputation issue you can think of. Many of our clients ask us to enact a comprehensive approach that covers all bases of their online presence. We’re able to set you up for success via your website while monitoring the various other online platforms where potential customers can find you. We also keep a close eye on your website’s rankings and performance while mitigating any bad reviews and soliciting additional positive reviews. Contact us to learn how our online reputation management company can help.


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