• Responsive Web Design

    It Doesn't Matter What
    Your Website Looks Like

    What matters is if it's bringing in new customers. We design for what converts,
    not what will look pretty, because "pretty" doesn't pay your bills; we do.

    Better than pretty
  • P.J. Fitzpatrick

    44,069 Internet
    Leads Can't
    Be Wrong

    That's precisely what we've generated for
    P.J. Fitzpatrick since taking over their
    internet marketing efforts in December 2008.

    How we did it
  • Search Engine Optimization

    Rankings Aren't Important

    If you think the success of your website is judged primarily on search
    engine ranking, we need to have a serious talk. You're going about
    search engine optimization completely wrong.

    What really matters
  • Oliver Heating & Cooling

    We Turned
    Up The

    A brand new website, SEO, paid search,
    and a content overhaul is how we helped
    Oliver Heating & Cooling.

    How we did it
  • Search Engine Optimization

    Flush Your
    Money Down
    the Toilet

    If you're spending money on paid search
    campaigns with no results, you're better
    off just flushing it down the toilet.

    Don't flush it

We’re the digital agency other agencies call

At Prager, we unapologetically assert ourselves to be nothing short of the best digital marketing decision you will make. This is based on our decades of experience and proven success in generating new bottom-line revenue for our clients. That’s all we care about, and the only standard by which we will consider our digital marketing efforts successful for you. We work in an industry with a horrible reputation. Chances are that you currently do or have already worked with a digital marketing agency that promised many miracles, but they were only ever able to deliver a product that fell just short of failure.

Luckily you have just found Prager, and we’re the very real exception to the rule. It’s called taking true accountability by working exclusively towards, and reporting on, your bottom line. Nothing else matters. Since opening our doors in 2003, we literally grew up on the Internet and have designed and built hundreds of successful digital marketing campaigns with precise, quantifiable results. Whether you’re already a seasoned professional or starting from scratch, we can help. Acting often as silent technical partners for others, we’re quite literally the digital agency other agencies call. Work direct by calling us today.

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We’re dedicated, friendly, ambitious people you’ll love working with.

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We help your business reach its goals and help you stay successful.

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We offer customized marketing solutions that fit your needs.

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