Sophisticated Digital Campaigns That Generate New Bottom-Line Revenue

Digital Marketing Services

At Prager, we practice digital marketing that produces tangible results in the real world, not the kind of digital marketing that only looks good on a conference room whiteboard. We’ll prove it to you by precisely measuring the performance of our work, showcasing the biggest metric of success – the new revenue we add to your bottom line. In our eyes, anything but new revenue is considered a marketing failure, and if you need more business, we’ll generate enough to set you up for an early retirement. Contact us today for a list of clients living in Boca Raton because of our work.

Web Design

We offer custom website design that serves a true marketing purpose. If you’re looking for young millennial web designers in their twenties who ride Segways to the office while sipping on a mochaccino, we’re not the website design agency for you. If however you want experienced web designers, many of whom have gray hair, and are instead actual marketing experts with the results to back it up, then we should talk. Stop wasting time with website design agencies who offer the lowest price, very likely through outsourcing. You’ll be shocked at just how many there are, and you get what you pay for. Choose us to create your next custom website, because it actually will be.


Search Engine Optimization Services

Many of the people who approach us for help have an entirely wrong idea about SEO. Obsessing over where your website ranks at any given moment on any particular phrase is a terrible use of time, nor is it a remotely accurate measurement of how well your website is performing overall. What matters is measuring continuous aggregate improvement in search engine traffic and tracking that increase in traffic down to quantifiable new customers and revenue. We don’t optimize your site for Google, we optimize your site for visitors, because visitors are who actually turn into customers. When is the last time Google bought something from you instead of you from them? Yeah, same here.


Paid Search Management

Paid search lets you achieve instant exposure through the most popular search engines, and nothing is more frustrating to business owners than spending money on marketing that doesn’t generate results. In order to put your money to good use, you need a paid search campaign that’s managed based on knowledge, expertise, and most importantly, experience.


Local Service Ads

Businesses can advertise on Google using Google Local Services Ads, which will result in a ranking at the top of local search results where leads from potential customers can be received immediately. Google Local Services Ads work by connecting local service providers with potential customers in their area. You’ll get calls and messages about your LSA ad, which you can monitor, answer, and even set an optional booking through LSA online with Google.


Managed Web Hosting

In the world of technology, keeping your website running optimally and securely can be a confusing maze to navigate. Handling your own web hosting or relying on a low-cost provider can quickly become a nightmare if your site goes down or there is a data breach. When you partner with a professional web services company such as Prager Microsystems, you receive the streamlined experience customers expect from your site and peace of mind knowing your most valuable marketing asset is in expert care.


Prager Analytics

If you’ve ever said something like, “I get traffic, but I don’t get sales,” it’s because you don’t know what’s hurting your website. Here at Prager Analytics, our custom web analytics can tell you anything and everything about your marketing campaign, even down to the age, gender, and weekend interests of your website visitors so you can make more informed decisions on how to market to them.


Content Strategy

In the marketing business, they say “content is king” – and they’re right. Whether it’s social media content, website content, newsletter content, or the content on a billboard, what your customers read will influence what they do. We understand how to write for marketing, which means we know what words to use and when to use them to draw in your customers. We also understand voices and can write professionally, casually, cheekily, boldly, sophisticatedly, and in any other adverbial way you desire. Contact us about our SEO copywriter services and challenge us with some grammar questions.


Email Marketing

If you are looking to add considerable horsepower to your company and promotional emails, our email marketing agency can help. You have spent a great deal of time and effort capturing customer email addresses so now is the time to put them to good use. Email marketing can help start and maintain a conversation with your clients and customers. Whether they have purchased from you before or simply inquired for more information, you can foster meaningful future interactions by regularly providing useful content. The digital experts at Prager can create custom-designed email marketing campaigns for your business that will help build brand awareness and customer loyalty to ultimately improve your bottom line.


Why Choose Prager for Expert Digital Marketing Services

To call internet marketing a fluid practice is an understatement. Prager Microsystems has successfully evolved over the last 15 years to stay ahead of the curve, providing completely custom solutions for our clients. The proof has and will always be in the data. We analyze the data when developing strategies and we use performance metrics that are directly related to adding to your bottom line. Learn how Prager’s internet marketing services can help your business today.

Let’s have a conversation to discuss your goals and how we can help achieve them.