How Can Voice Analytics Improve My Business?

The successful operation of your business depends on many factors. No matter your business model, you not only need reliable information on how your business is performing, but also need the tools to analyze this information in meaningful ways. Voice analytics from Prager is the perfect tool for evaluating customer interactions in order to improve your sales process.

Benefits of Evaluating Voice Analytics

Like the name implies, voice analytics is the process of analyzing human speech. The methodologies used can vary according to your business needs, but the expected results are the same: a quantified collection of data on customer and employee interactions. The benefits of using this data to improve your business are many, and you will see increased customer satisfaction, conversions and revenue as a result.

Customer Interactions

Customers are your business. You need to understand firsthand how well you are doing in the areas of customer communication, interactions and satisfaction. When your customers call for information or your sales team is calling potential leads, you need to know how efficient and productive these interactions are. At Prager Microsystems, we can provide active analysis by listening to phone conversations in order to pinpoint any recurring patterns or issues. We can identify trends such as periods of silence, participants talking over each other, emotional triggers, positive interactions and any missed opportunities for setting an appointment or closing a sale. Our people listen, analyze and quantify customer communications during call tracking to provide the information you need.

Evaluate Employee Performance with Voice Analytics

How well is your staff actually performing during conversations with your customers? Any interactions that take place over the phone can have missed cues and misinterpretations, and confusion can be the result. You also need to know the actual results of the phone calls, as in whether a new customer was added or if sales were increased. Were there any lost opportunities? Feedback is essential to better understand how efficiently your employees are driving your business forward in order to determine how best to improve performance.

Methods That Work

Once you have the data and voice analysis in hand, we can help you determine the most successful methods that have attained positive results during conversational interactions. We can provide the information you need to train all your employees to be highly productive and successful. With the right information and tools, all of your employees can be top performers. Analyzing phone conversations can identify what works and what doesn’t, and you can ensure that your staff follows best practices in all their customer interactions.

Voice analytics may sound mysterious, but it is a proven and practical way to determine how your customer phone conversations help drive your business. Prager Microsystems can provide the information you need about your customer satisfaction and conversion rates, and we can alert you quickly about missed opportunities that you can act on immediately and rectify. Contact us today to learn how we can partner with you to further improve your business.