No More Pinch and Zoom

Responsive Website Design

You may have heard the term “responsive web design,” but what exactly is it? And how does it work? Responsive web design is “an approach to web design in which a site is crafted to provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices” (according to Wikipedia). What this means is that our responsive web design company can create a website for your business that is easy to use and looks great on desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, or any other device.

One Website, All Devices

A responsive web design uses CSS3 media queries to create an easily viewable version of your website on a screen of any size – and we mean any size. Whether you have a 20-foot desktop computer screen or the smallest phone you can buy, your website will always function in an optimal way for the user. To see how it works on your computer, simply resize your browser window. Instead of your window cutting off our website’s content, you’ll notice that all of the elements shift or resize to fit into the window. Pretty neat, right? We think so. By utilizing this fluid approach to web design we’re able to make sure users reach the best possible version of your site no matter what device they are using when they visit. Choose Prager if you’re looking for a responsive website design agency that can upgrade your website to a responsive design.

Why Responsive Web Design Agencies Build in WordPress

At Prager, we build sites exclusively on the WordPress platform. With over 455 million websites around the world using WordPress, the platform and its content management system (CMS) are regularly updated and always on the forefront of technology. We design and build truly custom responsive websites that work seamlessly within WordPress and give you the power to easily update and maintain your site.

Mobile vs. Responsive Design

Websites created for mobile devices are nothing new, but there’s a major technical difference between mobile websites and responsive websites. Mobile websites are usually created to target a certain type of operating system or a specific kind of phone or smaller device. They are also separate websites, meaning when you want to update content on a page, you need to do it twice. Once on your desktop site and again on your mobile site. A new website built by our responsive web design company however pays no attention to what device you’re using and instead focuses on the size of your device’s screen (or its “viewport”).

Give Your Users the Best Browsing Experience

Earlier versions of mobile websites don’t move with every screen adaptation. They are instead built to adhere only to specific viewpoints which can still cause your site to display improperly on many devices. A responsive website’s content, pictures, icons, buttons, and other elements will automatically scale to your device’s screen size. This means it’s much easier to navigate – you won’t have to pinch and drag to resize the screen in order to read what’s on it. If you think your company can benefit from a new website by our responsive web design agency, contact us today.


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