Link Building Services

At Prager, our link building services help your business build presences around the web and links that encourage potential customers to visit your website. We’ll include your company name, website, address, hours of operation, email address, and phone number on a variety of trusted online directories. We can even optimize each directory with an industry-specific keyword phrase to help your search engine rankings.

Link Building Services

Our link building services include creating unique content about your company and your industry so the information is easily sharable.  We include keyword phrases in these articles as well and submit them to user-generated content sites with links back to your website. This helps you gain exposure and generate more traffic to your website, which could, in turn, lead to an increase in sales.

What Exactly is Link Building?

Link building (or backlink building) is the process of receiving links to your site from trusted websites across the internet. You will benefit in the search rankings by piggy-backing off of the trust that Google and other search engines have in the linking sites. The link back to your site tells the search engine that the linking site trusts you and the content you provide. For example, MSNBC is a website that is trusted to provide news. If MSNBC has an article referencing business practices in your industry and happens to link to your website as an example, your domain will receive positive credit for that link. There are ways to acquire these trusted backlinks and that is a service we are able to provide you.

Do I Need Link Building Services?

Finding the right website to have a link to your site isn’t always simple. We start by submitting your company information to various online directories, such as Yahoo Directory, Better Business Bureau, Visual Loop, and more. We then need to identify other reputable sites to post the actual link to your site. Dedicating the time and effort to making and monitoring these connections is why many businesses choose to hire an agency like ours to enact a link building campaign for them

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Regular Follow-Up Ensures Continued Results

We’ll regularly check to make sure the company information we submitted to directories remains correct and track the traffic that your website gets from the articles we create to see which ones are the most successful. We’ll also interact with visitors’ questions and comments to give your company a voice and build positive relationships. We will be sure to track down any bad backlinks that your site may have and have them removed. In addition, if you have a social media campaign through us, we can engage the followers on each of your social media platforms by creating links to the content we write.

Link Building Benefits

We’re always looking for new link building strategies and as new ones emerge, we’ll make sure that we keep your business up to date with the latest link building services.

  • Build your domain authority

    By managing the incoming and outgoing links from your website, we can ensure quantity and quality.

  • Improve search engine rankings

    Improving your domain’s health with quality links boosts the search engines’ trust in your site.

  • Boost your website’s visibility

    Better SEO rankings and quality inbound links will have your site displaying in front of more users.

  • Drive high quality referral traffic

    Having backlinks on relevant sites in your industry or niche will drive quality referral traffic.