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Copywriting Services

At Prager, our copywriters provide professional SEO copy editing services that help you complete sales by utilizing engaging content on your website. Content that is well-written, grammatically correct, and free from spelling errors proves to your readers that you’re a professional and credible company, and you’ll be more likely to earn their trust. Something as simple as misspelling “believes” or using the wrong form of “there” can easily turn visitors away.

By choosing professional SEO copy editing services to assist in your website, blog, or newsletter content copywriting, you will set yourself up for success. We’ve written thousands of pages of promotional and informational content for hundreds of clients across an array of industries. We have developed a process that utilizes search trends and technical metrics to increase the visibility of your content on the internet. Our attention to detail is second to none.

The Right Words Matter

While grammar and spelling are important, it’s also essential that you choose the right words when writing website content. Since content is what ultimately convinces your visitor to purchase your products or services, there are words that can help spark their interest and words that should be avoided. The way you phrase something can also be a deciding factor in a visitor’s engagement. Choosing appropriate keywords will also help by giving your content a better chance at being found organically on search engines. We utilize an in-depth keyword research process to determine what words and phrases will best optimize your page content and ultimately help your site rank.

On-Page SEO Copy Editing

If you’re interested in our professional SEO copy editing services, we can also review content that your company has already written to make sure it is at its best. We’ll proofread your writing and make any spelling, grammatical, word, and punctuation changes we think will benefit your company. We’ll make sure your website is organized and is targeting keywords and phrases that will benefit you. While clear and concise content is the catalyst for a successful website, writing with search engine optimization in mind will help the overall success of your business by allowing for more organic traffic.

How Prager Can Help

When we write content for your website, blog, or email marketing campaign, our copywriters will make sure that your content sends the right message and that what has been written has been checked and double-checked for any errors. With our experience, we know that words like “opportunity” or “guarantee” aren’t the best to use (despite common assumption) and that a website’s content should clearly explain how your potential customers would benefit from purchasing your products or services. Contact us today to learn how Prager can help the messaging on your site.


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