5 Reasons to Keep Your WordPress Up To Date

We Provide Managed WordPress Hosting Services

When it comes to software updates for platforms like WordPress, it is important to always stay current. At Prager Microsystems, we have been providing managed WordPress hosting for years, and we always evaluate and support the most recent WordPress version.

WordPress is an open-source platform that is supported by a group of developers, and each of their new updates address bug fixes, security issues, new features and performance improvements. Here are five important reasons we install all official updates for WordPress:

Secure Hosting

Security is the top reason to keep WordPress up-to-date. WordPress is a popular platform that supports a large percentage of websites around the world, therefore it is a target for hacking and data theft. Because WordPress is open source, anyone can study the code, including hackers. Fortunately, “good” hackers report issues they find, and the WordPress team immediately responds by working on a fix.

Speedy Performance

Faster is better when it comes to using a website. In respect to your customers, you definitely want a fast and user-friendly site that will motivate customers to stay on your pages. Many of the new WordPress updates offer improved speed and efficiency over older versions.

New and Improved Features

Each major WordPress release comes with new features and changes to the software. WordPress 5.0, released in December of 2018, has a new editing feature called Gutenberg that lets users create beautiful designs using content blocks. Formerly, WordPress’s editor was a basic text window. While users could add images, embedded videos, galleries and other web elements, the methods were non-intuitive. In contrast, Gutenberg is a cohesive writing experience wherein users can place content inside blocks they can move around the editor without using any code. Common elements are available in pre-designed blocks.

Compatibility Considered

WordPress updates add many benefits and needed security fixes. However, sometimes existing plugins may not be compatible with new versions of WordPress, usually due to bad coding practices used in the plugins. In this case, an update of WordPress could have a conflict with your plugins. Our team at Prager Microsystems will always ensure only proven plugins are used, and you will never have to worry about site crashes.

Bug Fixes and Solutions

From time to time, there may be bugs that appear in various versions of WordPress. When WordPress becomes cognizant of these issues, the developers will release an update that fixes the problems. You will always have the latest stable version of WordPress with Prager, and you will not have to deal with bug issues.

Keeping abreast of the latest WordPress additions, features and security enhancements is easy to do when you use a hosted WordPress provider. Prager Microsystems will always evaluate plugins for security and performance, and when new versions of WordPress are available, we test the upgrade in a staging environment prior to pushing to your live website. With Prager, your site will benefit from the latest and safest version of WordPress. Contact us today and learn how easy it is to keep your website safe, secure, and up to date.