Make Sure Your Site is Designed and Built for Success


Our responsive web design company performs a quality assurance check on all of the work we do for your business to make sure it’s error-free. Whether you make clothing, manufacture snowboards, or build computers, everything that you present to your clients should be concise and accurate. At Prager, the responsive websites we build are no different. We check every component of the web pages we create and websites we maintain to make sure they function and display properly and are free from errors. Our responsive web design company performs a vigorous quality assurance (QA) process through every site, blog, and page launch.

Successfull Foundation

A lot goes into a website launch in order to make sure it can be properly displayed throughout the internet. There are several technical aspects that control whether or not search engines will index your site and they all start with the code of your website. Developing a structurally sound website is the foundation of your site’s ability to rank highly on search engine results pages (SERP). We make sure every site we touch has that foundation intact so that we can then focus our efforts on marketing the site successfully.

Our QA Process

By regularly combing through the various elements of every website we build to ensure proper coding, spelling, display of images, and more, we set all of our projects up for success from the start. We don’t just set it and forget it, though. A custom responsive website built by Prager comes with a dedicated team of digital professionals that care very much for the work they produce. Our QA process consists of several steps:

Initial Pre-Launch QA

During our responsive web design agency’s initial QA process, we study the work we’ve done and scan it for errors from broken links to content errors to missing pixels and more. We also study the overall design of all pages to make sure all of the colors, fonts, borders, and other elements are correct. We also make sure all of the usability features are up-to-par and the site is fully responsive on all screens.

Website Launch QA

Once we make all of our revisions and after we share the site with the client to revise as well, we launch it (meaning it goes live on the Internet). Some website elements need to be tested again post-launch such as contact forms or processing pages that require custom programming related to the URL, so we check our work again after the launch to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Ongoing QA

At our responsive web design company, we are constantly checking our work for errors. No matter what project we’re working on, we continuously scan it to ensure that there are no mistakes. We know the importance of QA and how it can affect our reputation, sales, clients, and overall usability of the products we launch, so we never cut corners. We believe in providing quality assurance before, during, and after delivering our custom web solutions.

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Responsive Web Design Company

These days just about anyone can make themselves a website. Unfortunately with that, you may be missing out on very important aspects of building a quality website. As we mentioned earlier, the foundation of your site is the most important way to ensure it can be found across the web and be consumed by users the way it was designed to be. Through rigorous quality assurance processes and expert web design and development, the digital marketing team at Prager can create a website that you are truly proud of and that will stand the test of time. Paired with our search engine optimization services we are able to improve your company’s online visibility and ultimately help increase your bottom line. Contact us for a consultation on how we can help your website.


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