How to Improve Your Website with Advanced Analytics

Web Analytics Can Help Understand User Behavior

Websites that accomplish everything you want are never the result of happenstance. Targeted marketing that effectively promotes and expands on your products or mission is always the driving force behind any successful campaign. A well-planned marketing strategy needs information as its backbone, and web advanced analytics is the tool to use to gather relevant and pertinent data on your onsite business. Prager Microsystems can help convert your website traffic to sales, so don’t hesitate to contact us and get started today!

Why You Need Web Analytics

What are web analytics? Web analytics is simply the process of collecting, reporting and analyzing website data. Each analysis is planned to focus on individual business and user goals. Quantifiable measures are identified and used as a comparison base against actual website data. This data is sorted and analyzed in order to understand the effectiveness of your current marketing strategies. Advanced analytics can help determine the best methods of reaching customers and can also track customer retention. Knowledge is power, as they say, and custom web analytics from Prager Microsystems is the tool to gain that knowledge.

Web analytics consists of several types of data gathering and analysis that target specific areas of marketing strategies and user behavior. Prager Microsystems specializes in utilizing these following main types of data tracking, tailored to your needs.

Voice Analytics

An often overlooked but vital method of user data collection is that of voice analytics. Simply gathering data for website traffic does not relay any information on actual phone interactions with customers. Phone tracking can tell you the effect that all aspects of your business, whether web driven or advertising, is having on phone traffic. We will collect all your phone data and gather reports on the callers, their locations and the lengths of the calls. Conversations will be recorded for further analysis and for employee training. We can also track how certain conversion points on your website bring in callers, by linking specific phone numbers to certain phrases and areas.

Multivariate Testing

Conducting “what if” scenarios is an extremely useful analytical tool. Multivariate testing involves taking multiple variables and combining them in various ways to test which combination is the most effective. A primary use for this method is to make variations of web pages with different elements and track user behavior and generated leads. This is useful for both planning new web pages and for testing existing ones. Prager Microsystems can help you see exactly what style and functionality on your web pages works best.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking involves following the entire process after a specified event. A common example is to track a user from the moment they click on an advertisement at one site that points to your site, until they leave your site. Another use is to track how many users download one of your apps. Whatever the event may be, it is invaluable to know exactly what is occurring for each one. Knowing and understanding visitor behavior is crucial for marketing optimization and allows you to allocate your resources accordingly.

Managing any business requires implementing changes as needed. However, it is difficult to understand what needs to be changed and what does not if there is no data to evaluate. Prager Microsystems can provide you with the information you need to understand the best ways to add new customers and retain existing ones with our advanced analytics. When you partner with Prager, you can be confident in your return on investment.