We’re Experts in Optimizing Roofing Websites

Like most service providers, roofers can face stiff competition in their local service areas. To be noticed above the rest it is important to set yourself up for success, and that starts with your website. We know your work will speak for itself once you establish a customer base, but how do you reach those new potential customers?  Prager Microsystems provides roofer SEO services that ensure that your roofing website is found when homeowners are searching for someone to repair or replace their roof.

SEO Starts with a Strong Foundation

If your site is not coded and structured correctly, Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines will have difficulty understanding what exactly you provide. You may have heard the terms “crawling” and “indexing” regarding websites and search engines. The “crawl” is a process each search engine uses to see what content is on every website in the world. It then “indexes” those results through a complex, ever-evolving algorithm that decides what results are shown each time a search is performed. To aid in roofer SEO, we ensure your site is coded properly and says the right things so that search engines can get exactly the information they are looking for.

We Know Roofing Content

Roofer SEO Content ExpertsStructuring your site to be easily crawled or indexed by search engines is just the beginning. The content on your site needs to be relevant. How do we know what is relevant? Research. We analyze roofing keyword search data and trends to know what users are commonly searching for. We then craft the content to best match those searches. This content is on your pages of course but also in the metadata (page titles, descriptions, image tags) of your site. At the end of the day, the search engines just want to get people to the information they desire as quickly and accurately as possible. Having accurate and enticing page meta titles and descriptions help users trust that clicking on the link to your site will give them the answers they seek.

Roofer SEO Services That Are Results Driven

We only measure our success with tangible results. If your roofing website’s rankings aren’t improving and you’re not receiving more qualified leads, we’re not improving your bottom line. Everything we do is focused on increasing quality website traffic that nets you more roofing customers. We’ll stay on top of all the latest trends and ensure we deploy a roofing SEO strategy that is profitable.

Work with the Roofer SEO Experts

Our experienced team of SEO experts has been successfully helping roofers climb the search rankings for years. If you found this article when searching for SEO services for roofers, we have already proven we know how to reach a target audience. If you’re still not sold that we are roofer SEO experts, contact us today and we can show you real data with real results.