Keyword Research

Professional keyword research is one of the most important parts of a search engine optimization campaign. It’s the stepping stone that helps your business get to the top of search engine rankings and helps you reach more potential customers. At Prager, we can help you rank for the most ideal keyword phrases in your industry.So what is a keyword phrase? From a user standpoint, a keyword phrase is the phrase you type into a search engine, such as “Philadelphia bakery” or “used car parts.” We’ll perform professional keyword research and optimize your website for industry phrases that will help you generate new business.

Used Car Parts

Philadelphia Bakery

What We Do

Once you sign up, our search engine optimization consulting experts will contact you to discuss your company, your industry, and what you’re trying to accomplish. Then, we’ll evaluate your website to see which keyword phrases you’re already targeting. We’ll also check your current rankings, meta tags, content, URLs, and other website elements to determine where we can help you improve.

After that, we’ll review your main competitors to see which keyword phrases they’re trying to rank for and make a list of what we believe are the best phrases that will generate new leads for your company. Our professional keyword research company will use tools to select phrases based on how competitive they are, how many searches they get, and their viability. If you have a paid search campaign or an internal search feature, this data can also help us select keyword phrases. Then, we’ll implement these phrases into your current content, meta tags and write new content to help you rank on search engines as soon as possible.

We’ll share our ranking reports and keyword research data with you on a regular basis to keep you up to date on how your company is doing. We’ll find out which keyword phrases are the most successful in sending more traffic to your website.