A Foolproof Way To Increase Your Leads

Multivariate Testing

What you’re looking for: A foolproof way to increase your leads. When you build a website, you may not always know what is going to appeal to the most visitors. With multivariate testing services from Prager, we can determine just that. Whether you already have a website or we’ve built you a custom responsive web design, we can create identical pages with visual variations to see which is the most successful in capturing your visitors and turning them into customers. There is an unlimited number of ways that we can test your webpages, from using different graphics to alternating headlines to displaying different contact forms and more.

How It Works

Multivariate testing services are ideal for a website that experiences a lot of traffic – the more traffic, the faster we can find out what works and what doesn’t. We’ll create multiple versions of a webpage and track your visitors’ behavior to see which one yields the most leads. Every new visitor that clicks into your website will see a different variation of your webpage. Even if they leave and then click back in, our multivariate testing tools will be able to make sure the same page is shown to them. This means no one will ever know that you are testing your website. When you figure out exactly what interests your visitors, you can turn more leads into sales, and more sales into profit.


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