About Prager Digital Marketing

Prager Microsystems is a gifted digital marketing agency serving clients in a diverse range of industries. As digital-savvy experts focusing purely on online marketing, we understand user behavior and intent in ways many traditional agencies haven’t yet been able to master. Effective digital marketing requires superior skills, and in our experience, many other digital marketing agencies are afraid or unable to correlate precise campaign results with their work. We however work exclusively towards, and report on, your bottom line.

We pride ourselves on being extreme agile, flexible, and responsive. The implementation of new ideas, website updates or campaign adjustments happen very quickly, and that is a huge advantage in today’s “on demand” world where customers expect things immediately. You’re either constantly evolving or falling further and further behind. Since opening our doors in 2003, our team literally grew up on the internet and have designed and built hundreds of successful digital marketing campaigns with precise, quantifiable results.

Whether you’re already well-established or starting from scratch, we’d love the opportunity to learn about your goals and present ideas on how we can help achieve them. Acting often as the silent technical partner for others, we’re quite literally the digital marketing agency other agencies call for help. Work direct by contacting us today.

Our Leadership

Steve Prager

President & Digital Strategy

Steve founded Prager Microsystems, Inc. in the spring of 2003 as a digital agency serving anyone who was willing to give a young company with fresh ideas a chance. Through hard work and superior client results, our team and capabilities have grown considerably since then. Today, Steve remains hands on in both the oversight and direction of agency operations and a number of client engagements.

Danielle Prager

Business Development

Danielle leads our business development initiatives, often being one of the first points of contact for prospective clients or agency partnerships. After close to 20 years in business, we’re fortunate enough to be selective with the projects we take on. Danielle ensures we not only maintain a full client roster, but also those added to the roster are a great fit and a true pleasure to help grow and succeed.

Gary Stevens

Creative & Technical Director

Gary leads both the creative and technical teams responsible for the design and maintenance of all websites along with supporting digital collateral for a number of additional channels. Often going as the unsung hero behind the scenes, Gary is responsible for delivering the superior visuals and fast turnaround our clients have come to rely on. If you interact with it on a screen, Gary and his team had a hand in it.

Sean Deets

Digital Strategy Lead

Sean has been with us since 2006 and leads the digital strategy for a number of clients. In addition, Sean is a primary client contact point, so you’ll work directly with and talk to Sean often. He prides himself on being extremely responsive, so no more than a few hours will ever go by before hearing back from him on virtually anything you ask. Go ahead, try it!

Darren Exley

Digital Strategy Lead

Darren also leads the digital strategy for a number of clients with a specialized focus on our paid search programs. In addition, Darren works in a client-facing role, so you’ll work directly with and talk to Darren often. He prides himself on being direct, so you will get honest feedback and answers to questions instead of just being told what you want to hear.

Samantha Pastorious

Project Management Lead

Sam is the organizational maestro responsible for ensuring everyone and everything stays on track and on schedule, including a gentle nudge to you when needed. Sam is also another one of our primary client contact points, so you’ll get to know her very well during your time with us. Multitasking is in her DNA and documentation is her middle name.