Which Digital Marketing Services Provide Immediate Results?

Get an Edge on Your Competition

The only way to be relevant today is to remain connected to your customers. No matter what industry you are in, you have competition, and you’re all using the internet and digital media to reach and interact with customers. Digital marketing is a must for your business to succeed. There are many avenues of digital marketing, some offering quicker results than others. That is why hiring an agency that specializes in digital marketing services can help you achieve your goals.

What is Digital Marketing?

Reaching your customers wherever they are is a primary component of digital marketing. The way you reach them is with computers, tablets, and mobile phones to promote your products and services. This involves harnessing the power of your website, search engines, social media platforms, email marketing, and others to get in front of the 90% of Americans that are active internet users (Source: WorldBank).

Digital Marketing Services

Effective Digital Marketing Services

As a full-service digital agency, we understand the need for combining many angles of approach to digital marketing strategies. A multi-channel approach is truly the best way to increase your company’s visibility and get you results now and sustain them for the future. We work with you to determine your goals and will come up with a comprehensive digital marketing plan to meet those goals. At the end of the day, the most important metric is your bottom line and we’ll do everything we can to improve it.
Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The best way to have your company be seen is to improve your website’s Search Engine Optimization. This is a multi-faceted process that combines your site structure, content, and domain authority. We use real data to determine the target keywords that will be woven into your site so that you are found when a potential customer performs a web search. We also make sure your site is healthy and there aren’t any bad links coming into your site that can negatively affect your rankings. SEO is the baseline to any successful digital marketing campaign.

PPC Advertising

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

The fastest way to jumpstart your digital marketing campaign is to use services like Google Ads or Bing Advertising. You are not buying a billboard and hoping someone sees it as they drive by, rather you are targeting specific terms and only paying for the clicks that come through to your website. This is perfect for companies that need to get a quick boost in traffic. We utilize search trend data and other factors to effectively reach your target audience. When working with a well-designed website, PPC campaigns can garner immediate results.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns are a great way to boost website traffic and sales from existing customers. Most businesses have cultivated an email list of customers so you are able to target people that have already bought your products or utilized your services. That existing relationship can be further developed by sending captivating emails that contain useful content, promotion info, or coupons. There are good times and bad times to email your subscribers and we’ll develop a plan to maximize results.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Pairing your optimized website with an active social media presence is a great way to stay engaged with your customers. Each social media platform has its own “perks”, and our team of skilled social media experts can utilize each platform’s unique features to interact with users and boost shares, mentions, likes and overall reach.

Web Design

Web Design & Development

Websites need to be more than pretty to drive conversions. We are experts in responsive web design and development that is built correctly from the ground up. Everything we create is truly unique for each client so you can rest assured that we will be putting out the best possible product for you. We deploy skillfully curated content and a site structure that guides users through to find the information they are looking for and to ultimately purchase, schedule services, or contact you for more info.

Prager Microsystems Digital Marketing Services

Lots of agencies promote their prowess in digital marketing services, but do they have the data to back it up? We do. Every digital marketing campaign we launch is rooted in data. We use those reporting metrics, search trends, and decades of experience working with a variety of industries to create brilliant marketing strategies that boost your visibility and increase your bottom line. If you have any questions about how Prager’s digital marketing services can work for you, contact us to find out more and ask us for a demo.