SEO Content Strategy

In the marketing business, they say “content is king” – and they’re right. Whether it’s social media content, website content, newsletter content, or the content on a billboard, what your customers read will influence what they do. We understand how to write for marketing, which means we know what words to use and when to use them to draw in your customers. We also understand voices and can write professionally, casually, cheekily, boldly, sophisticatedly, and in any other adverbial way you desire. Contact us about our SEO copywriter services and challenge us with some grammar questions.

SEO Copywriter Content Strategy

Content is one of the most important parts of any company website. It is what explains to visitors who you are and what you’re all about. What your visitors read has to be interesting, easy to understand, and informational. We know how to captivate potential customers and drive them to invest in your business through our website SEO copywriter services.

Strategic Messaging that Converts

After evaluating your customer base and target audience, we’ll create a strategy that defines what content best fits your company to help you project a respectable image and ultimately improve your sales. Focusing on regularly adding content to your website and utilizing social media and other digital outlets cast a wide net to help capture more leads. Prager can help you with several aspects of content generation.

  • Blog Marketing

    Blogging can not only increase your company’s exposure, but can help you gain credibility and trust among your readers. Keeping your site fresh with new, relevant content shows potential customers that you are a trusted thought leader in your industry.

  • SEO Copywriting

    Website content that is well-structured, spelled correctly, uses the right grammar, and sends the right message will help your company increase its leads and/or sales.

  • Press Releases

    Our press release writing service can help spread the word about your company and its products or services to both current and potential customers. We can then help you disperse the release to maximize the reach.

Content Strategy by SEO Copywriting Experts

We understand that not everyone is a writer. Sure, you know your business better than anyone else, but can you translate that knowledge into relevant content that will cause readers to engage. Content strategy is the foundation of any successful SEO copywriting campaign. Our experts will pick your brain to gain as much knowledge as possible about the ins and outs of your business. We’ll also perform competitor research to see what others in your industry are doing. Hiring a professional SEO copywriter ensures that your expertise is translated into consumable pieces of information that your customers and potential customers can digest and help them make the right decision – to hire you.

Boost Efficiency with Keyword Research

The best way to get your content in front of a qualified lead is to know what those leads are searching for and factor that into your content strategy. Our professional content strategists utilize search trend data and other proprietary metrics to find keywords and phrases worth targeting in your content. Starting with keyword research and finishing by answering common questions is often the most effective way to captivate an audience.

Did You Know?

61% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company that delivers custom content.*

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