Call Tracking Down To The Keyword Level

Voice Analytics

At Prager, we help you understand every element that contributes to the success of your business. Inbound telephone calls are often the first and most important interaction prospective customers have with you. Complete insight as to just how well you are doing at answering each call, setting an appointment, or converting a lead is critically important. Many businesses however lack even the most basic data as to where the call even came from, let alone what happened during the conversation. We can fix that.

Improve Marketing Performance

Web analytics tells you how a visitor got to your website, which pages they clicked on, and any purchases made or request forms completed. If they decide to pick up the phone and call however, you won’t know it. That’s where voice analytics comes in and solves this critical problem. We offer phone call tracking that can be used not only on your website, but on any other type of advertising you may be involved in (such as television, radio, transit, print, and more). We’ll tell you who’s calling, where they’re calling from, what marketing source they used, and record the conversation for an individualized performance audit of every single call no matter your daily call volume. We collect all of this data to create extremely insightful reports that cover a wide array of criteria. Essentially, we take your phone bill and give it brain. Best of all, you’ll get continuous help from our experts in both interpreting and understanding your voice analytics reports as well as recommendations on how to best maximize your inbound call effectiveness.

How It Works

We assign unique telephone numbers to critical conversion points of your website linked to the way each visitor enters your site. Our software then dynamically rewrites the telephone numbers displayed on all web pages for the appropriate marketing source used on an individual visitor basis. You will have many visitors on your website simultaneously, all with different telephone numbers tied back to their entry method for precise tracking. When a prospective customer calls the number displayed, they are properly routed to your office and the call recording and audit process begins. Best of all, there are no technology or hardware changes required. You continue to answer calls the way you currently do today with the equipment you already have. We handle everything required on our end during call origination to seamlessly connect to your office or call center.

Transcription & Training

An optional but very powerful feature of our phone call tracking is that we can transcribe every single call to grade how well your call center and/or individual staff members perform. Was the caller a good prospect, and if so, was an appointment set? If your business offers many services, we’ll notate which the caller was inquiring about to better segment conversion rates for each. Any missed opportunities are identified allowing senior staff the chance to reach back out to the customer before they move on and hire a competitor. Over time, we use positive and negative phone call examples as a training tool for your staff and determine what they can change to make your inbound call experience better. Every lead has a cost and ensuring every new potential customer is properly converted can make or break a business. Could your staff be doing a better job on inbound calls? Let us help you find out.


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