Voice Analytics

What you’re looking for: Phone call tracking that increases the efficiency of your marketing campaigns.At Prager, we can help you understand every element that contributes to the success of your business. While our web analytics program tracks how your marketing campaign works, our voice analytics program lets you discover why it works.

Our web analytics can tell you how a visitor got to your website, which pages they clicked on, and any purchases made or request forms completed, but if they decide to pick up the phone and call you, you won’t know it. That’s where voice analytics comes in. We offer phone call tracking that can be used not only on your website, but on any other type of advertising you may be involved in (such as television, radio, transit, print, and more). We’ll tell you who’s calling, where they’re calling from, how long they’re on the phone, and even record the entire conversation for later review. We collect all of your call data to create extremely insightful reports that cover a wide array of criteria. Essentially, we take your phone bill and give it brain.

Best of all, you’ll get continuous help from our experts in both interpreting and understanding your voice analytics reports as well as recommendations on how to best maximize your inbound call effectiveness.

How It Works

We assign unique telephone numbers to critical conversion points of your website linked to the way each visitor enters your site. Say, for example, there are ten core keyword phrases you are currently optimizing your website for. We can assign a unique telephone number to each of the keyword phrases and tag them to visitors as they enter. Then, we can discover which phrases convert the best by analyzing the calls made to each number. We’ll be able to fine-tune your marketing campaign around the most effective phrases and weed out the least effective.

One of the most popular features of our phone call tracking is the ability to record all conversations you have with potential and current customers. By listening to your phone calls, you can monitor the members of your sales and/or customer service teams and determine what they can change to make your inbound call experience better. You can also use positive and negative phone call examples as a training tool for new members.

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