The Four Main Elements of Email Marketing

email marketing

If you’re planning out your own email marketing campaign, there are four elements you should consider in order to make it successful: Content, Timing, Mobile, and Analytics. If you make those most of these aspects, you’ll increase your chance of open rates and in turn, conversions.

Before you begin, keep in mind that the biggest enemy of email marketing campaigns is spam filters. Spam filters target unsolicited emails that are constantly sent out by companies, so if you don’t remind your readers to add your email address to their “approved contacts” list, your email may end up in their spam folder.


When it comes to the content of your email, make sure it’s intriguing, captivating and relevant to your subject line. (Be sure to fill in a subject line on each email to avoid the spam folder.) Give your readers a good reason to open up your email – share a great blog post, inform them of an upcoming product, or give them a coupon. The more you pique their interest, the more chance you’ll have of turning them into a customer.

When it comes to subject lines, try out a few to see which captivate your audience. Many times, subject lines that are urgent, interesting, and/or relatable are successful in email marketing campaigns. (For more information, read our blog Are You Using the Right Email Marketing Subject Lines?)


Timing is also a big factor in the success of an email marketing campaign. This goes for the time of year, time of week, and time of day that’s best for you to send your emails.

If your business is offering special pricing for a holiday, inform your customer well before the special occurs. “One Day Only” events are very popular, but if they don’t open their email until 7 p.m. and your sale is for that day, their “one day only” chance is gone. Instead, give them a few days to anticipate the event by leaving out some specifics. This way, you’ll generate excitement about what is going to happen but still give your customers plenty of time to prepare.

Also – do some research for what time of day and what day of the week your audience checks their email. This way, you’ll be able to send them out at prime time.


In today’s technological age, many people are checking their email on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. With each email you create, consider how it’s going to look on a smaller screen – people aren’t going to want to pinch and drag and zoom in on your email just to be able to read it. Make sure your campaign is mobile-friendly and you could greatly increase your open rates and conversions.


Finally, set up a program in your digital marketing campaign to track your email marketing so you can tell how successful it is. Be sure to monitor things like the delivery rate (whether the email was delivered), the open rate (whether the receiver actually opened the email), the unsubscribe rate (whether the subscriber chose to unsubscribe to your emails) and the conversion rate (whether the user read the email and followed a link to your website). At Prager, this is something our digital marketing experts can help with; when you know these things, you can tweak your content and timing in relation.

Email marketing is a very powerful tool – it gives you the opportunity to connect with a huge audience and build relationships with current and potential customers.

If you need help making your email marketing campaign more effective or you are looking to start an email marketing campaign that will help your business excel, contact our digital marketing experts today.