6 Email Marketing Ideas


Many businesses overlook email as part of their marketing campaign, but the truth is – email marketing has proven to be a great way for your business to keep in touch with customers, promote your brand, take advantage of feedback, and more. (For a great list of its benefits, check out this blog article.)

And the great thing about email marketing is it can work for any company in any market – whether you’re part of the Fortune 500 or you sell homemade pastries.

The key to a good campaign is to know when to send out your emails, how frequently you should send them, and what to include in each one. The first two elements vary, depending on what kind of business you’re involved in and your customer base, but we’ve got some great email marketing ideas that anyone can use:

1. Highlight social media

Inform your customers of a great blog you’ve just written or an article that you’ve just posted to your social media profile. Or simply encourage them to follow you on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.

2. Send out testimonials

Connect your current customers with past or other current customers by compiling a list of some of your best or most recent customer testimonials and emailing them out.

3. Encourage feedback

Get on a more personal level with your customers and ask them to provide feedback about your company. Include a survey or a questionnaire and ask them to be completely honest. They’ll not only feel more connected, but you’ll be able to use their feedback for improvement.

4. Create a “limited time” offer

To spark some immediate interest, send your customers an incentive to check out your products or services right now. Offer a percentage off or a “buy one get one” deal for a limited time.

5. Just say thanks

Surprise your customers by sending an email that simply thanks them for their contribution to your business. Most won’t expect it and you’ll gain a few points on the personal connection scale.

6. Try trivia

Encourage people to click through to your website by asking trivia questions and posting the answers on your website. These can be about your products or services, relevant to what’s going on (like a holiday), or just random interesting questions.

Our digital marketing agency can help you decide on an idea, create the content and graphics, and send your email out to your customers. Contact us today or see how our service works.