Top 10 Benefits of Email Marketing

email marketing

While email may not be as popular as it once was, email marketing is still going strong as the best way to connect with your customers andĀ gain sales for your business. Here are the otherĀ benefits of creating a campaign:

1. Repeat sales

Customers who are on your email list are already on track to buying your products or services again. Since they keep in touch with your company, it means they were satisfied with their purchase the first time. This makes it easy for you to make them a second offer and generate a repeat sale.

2. Brand recognition

By sending out weekly or monthly emails, you can remind your customers that your business is still here and waiting for them to rediscover it. You can increase your brand recognition just by bringing your name back to their attention.

3. Round-the-clock marketing

The beauty of marketing through email is that you can be advertising your products or services to customers even when you’re not in the office! Try scheduling an email to your customers on a Saturday or Sunday, when a lot of people check their email in their down time.

4. Low cost

Sending an email doesn’t cost anything, which makes it a great marketing tactic. You can use email marketing on a tight budget or, because it’s free, simply add it on to other techniques like online ads or direct mail.

5. Sales opportunities

Because you’ve already established a base of satisfied customers, you can easily use email to offer them a better product or your latest service. You can also use your knowledge of their buying habits and preferences to cross-sell other products that they may be interested in.

6. Global appeal

Instead of marketing to your customer base as a whole, you can use different marketing emails to appeal to specific regions or demographics around the world.

7. Feedback

When you reach out to your customers on a personal level, you can gain valuable customer feedback. Because they have worked with you before, they can give you honest opinions about the benefits of your products or services and in what areas you can improve.

8. Special offers

With email marketing, you can make your customers feel like a valuable part of your success by offering them online coupons or discounts available only to them.

9. Immediacy

As opposed to direct mail, email marketing lets you reach out to your customers immediately and lets them respond to you immediately. In addition, the immediacy of email marketing means faster and more frequent sales conversions.

10. It’s simple

Email marketing is simple – it takes very little time to do and can give you great results.

At Prager, we can create a custom email marketing campaign for any business to help you increase your conversions, brand awareness, and stay in touch with your customers. To learn more about our digital marketing agency, contact us today.