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Study Shows That 97% of Business Owners Believe Reputation Management Is Important

When it comes to company success, your reputation is something that can make or break your impression on potential customers. If your reputation is good, more people will be willing to invest in your goods or services; if it’s bad, however, you may have trouble building a solid customer base. Here, our digital marketing company shares an article from Forbes that supports the importance of reputation management.

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3 Ways We Take Web Analytics Even Further

One of the best ways to track your marketing campaign’s success is through the web analytics program that we offer to all of our clients. When you know the details of your website, you can track conversion rates, traffic statistics, your ranking in search engine results, and keyword phrases for your industry.

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Get a Head Start on Your Fall SEO

At Prager, we know that for most companies, business slows down in the summer – people have better things to do than to surf the web, like go to the beach, host a barbecue, take the kids to the water park, and more. But summer is coming to an end and if your company is ready for fall, you could see more revenue. Now is a great time to get a head start on your fall SEO, with these tactics.

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Google May Launch Its Own Modified Search Engine in China

Have you heard? Google may launch a modified version of its search engine in China. This search engine would aim to censor certain controversial terms and websites to satisfy the regulations of the country. These terms and websites include human rights, peaceful protest, religion, and democracy – all similar to the terms that are censored on current Chinese search engines.

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8 Tips for Marketing to Millennials

One of the largest generations in history is the millennial generation. These individuals are between the ages of 18 and 35 and when it comes to the economy, they represent around 40% of the buying power. This means that the success of your company could very well lie in how well you market to and build up your millennial customer base. Here, our digital marketing firm shares some tips for marketing to this generation.

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6 Questions to Ask to Determine Your Marketing Needs

Starting your own company is hard; building a customer base is even harder. In order to begin, you’ll want to have a marketing strategy that can help you gain exposure, appeal to new customers, and create a brand loyalty. Here, our digital marketing experts share six questions you should ask in order to determine your marketing needs.

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Facebook Pushes Even Further Towards Chip Development

Right now, big tech brands like Apple and Google are producing their own silicon chips to power their products, and Facebook wants in on the action. Earlier this year, the social media giant began the process of creating its own chips to power its devices and servers and now, it’s hiring one of Google’s head chip developers to continue the process. 

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6 Web Design Myths

As a digital marketing agency that specializes in web design, we’ve heard many misconceptions about the world of web design. The examples below are myths that we frequently hear – and we’re here to debunk them.

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7 Traits of Accomplished Business Owners

There are businesses that succeed and businesses that don’t, and it makes you wonder: What are the owners of the successful businesses doing right? As a digital marketing agency begun by Steve Prager, we’ve grown to be able to offer an array of marketing solutions to our clients, and we can attribute our success to…

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22 Email Marketing Stats to Know Right Now

While technology continues to improve and marketers find more ways to reach out to their customers, there’s one method that’s proven tried and true for years: email marketing. No, email marketing is not dead – in fact, it’s very much alive.