December 16, 2015 by Alyssa / In Web Design

For the past three years, we’ve given you our predicted web design trends of 2013, 2014, and 2015, and we think we’ve done pretty well. Now, it’s time to make our predictions for next year…

Centered Content

With a rise in responsive web design, we think that websites (especially home pages) will incorporate more centered content. Not only will it look clean and minimalistic, but it will also grab a visitor’s attention and transform well when resized to various screen sizes.

More Scrolling

As we’re greeted with more and more simple-content home pages, our digital marketers believe we’ll see more scrolling to accompany it. No longer will businesses try to get all of their important information above the fold – instead, they’ll make the experience more like a story you have to keep scrolling through to continue.

Sans Serif Fonts

As far as typography goes, we think web designs will lean more on sans serif fonts than on serif fonts. These types of fonts are not only cleaner, but can easily be used in larger headings and call-to-actions without looking too fancy or old-fashioned.

Single Hero Images

While slideshows and video backgrounds are still used a lot on home pages, we think we’ll see an increase in large, single hero images next year. These images help a company make an initial statement and evoke a certain emotion from their website visitor. They can essentially set the tone for the rest of the website experience.


Our eyes are naturally drawn to motion, and when it’s incorporated into a web design, it can provide a significant advantage. Whether the moving item is a product, a form, a call-to-action, a menu option, or something else, the movement will catch a visitor’s eye and can help prompt his/her next move.


Since many websites have adopted the recent trends of flat design, big fonts, parallax scrolling, and more, many sites have started to blur together. Next year, we think originality will make a big comeback and web designers will start implementing characteristics that will set their website apart from others.

Hand-Drawn Elements

Going along with the idea of originality, hand-drawn elements give web designs a certain look and feel that others may not. Whether the elements are icons, images, buttons, or typography, we think (and hope!) more businesses will call on artsy sketches to capture attention.

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