July 23, 2015 by Alyssa / In Web Analytics

If you’re looking for marketing solutions that will make your SEO marketing campaign as effective as possible, testing what appeals to consumers most is a must. Many businesses put their faith into their marketing solutions and assume that if they are getting leads, their marketing campaign must be working. While this may be the case, there’s a better way to fine-tune your campaign and give consumers exactly what they want; it’s called A/B testing.

What Is A/B Testing?

Also called “multivariate testing,” A/B testing is when you take all of the elements in your online marketing campaign and implement tracking features to test which ones consumers react to most. These elements include images, sliders, call-to-actions, call tracking, banners, colors, and essentially anything else you want to experiment with.

How It Works

A/B testing allows you to create multiple versions of one element (say, the color of your “Apply Now” call-to-action) and direct different people to different versions. After a certain amount of time (usually several weeks), you’ll be able to access the statistics of your testing campaign; you’ll see which color was the most successful in encouraging people to click through to the next page. Once you know which color was the most favorable, you can permanently use it on your website, knowing that it’ll help you achieve more business leads.

How Can It Help?

The concept of A/B testing may sound pretty simple, but actually being able to execute it, gather the results, and adjust your marketing plan is a craft. That’s why our talented web developers are here – to help you create an eye-opening campaign that you can use to improve your online marketing. Once you know what converts your website visitors, you’ll be able to tailor your other efforts and maximize your success.

Prager can implement high-level analytics programs into your marketing efforts that will answer any questions you have about the effectiveness of your advertising tactics. Contact us and speak to one of our digital marketing experts for more information.