What’s Changing in Email Marketing?

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Email marketing has been around for decades, but that doesn’t mean new trends can’t emerge every once in awhile. Here, our digital marketing firm explores what’s changing in the world of email marketing and what you can do to continue to reach out and connect with your customers.


Personalizing your emails through lists is nothing new, but these days, more and more marketers are turning to a variety of lists in order to organize their send-outs. With the right email marketing platform, you can segment your list of recipients by demographic, interests, location, and more in order to customize your emails even further. When a customer sees that an email was created just for them, they’ll be more likely to open it.

Today, the idea of funnel email marketing has faded away and instead, marketers are turning to a more targeted approach. After segmenting lists, marketers can tweak their email to create a more formal or personal tone, depending on the recipient.

Interactivity and Visuals

Interactivity is on the rise and many marketers are looking for ways to better catch the attention of their subscribers. Incorporating things like shopping carts, the ability to customize orders, and even chatbots can help guide them through a more efficient experience and enhance your brand.

In addition to interactivity, more visuals are being added to emails to engross those who open them. Things like GIFs, HTML5, and videos can all entice the recipient, keep them interested, and push them towards a conversion. Many emails also contain links to social media accounts to encourage subscribers to click through and follow profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more, creating a larger audience for marketers.