5 Ways to Improve Your Paid Search Campaign

A paid search campaign gives you the opportunity to gain immediate exposure for your business, but there is more involved than just creating ads and waiting for the customers to come pouring in. Consider these tips to improve your paid search campaign:

1) Acknowledge user peak times.

To reach the most potential customers, determine the time frame when your users are most likely searching for your products or services. If users search for you between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m., make sure your ads are showing then.

2) Use unique words.

You may already have a prime spot on Google’s results page, but you still have competitors to beat. The best way to appeal to people is through words. By using unique, to-the-point words, you’ll have a better chance of capturing attention than your competition.

3) Take advantage of seasonality.

If you have a business that is more successful during a certain season, take advantage of it. Create a larger budget for your ads during your most successful time and decrease it during your off time.

4) Choose the right keywords.

Do some keyword research to find out what keywords your audience is searching for and incorporate them into your ad content. The more relevant your keywords, the greater chance you have for your ads to be successful.

5) Test your ads.

When you begin your ad campaign, use A/B testing to find out which ads result in the most leads. Create two ads with the same verbiage, but link them to different pages of your website. Then, determine which is more successful and use that one to draw in business.

At Prager, our digital marketing agency specialists know what kind of ads to write and when to display them, so if you’re looking for paid search management, give us a call.