One of the best things about social media is how easy it is to share visual content. While many get their information by reading it, nearly everyone would rather see it. That’s where a visual presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more can come in handy. By creating and sharing visual content with your followers, you can increase your audience and appeal to more people. Here, our digital marketing experts share some things to consider for your content:

Themed Hashtags

There’s a reason so many people favor social media trends like “Throwback Thursday” or “Transformation Tuesday” – they’re easy to create and fun to follow. To grab the attention of your audience, consider creating your own themed hashtag. You can use a day of the week, a holiday focus, or even an “of-the-day” approach. For example: if you’re a bakery, you could post a photo of one of your cupcakes every Wednesday and hashtag it “#cupcakeWednesday.” Or if you’re a clothing company, you could create a trendy outfit each day and hashtag it “#lookoftheday.” Don’t be afraid to get creative – just remember to keep up with your trend.


Anyone can repost or retweet something, but personality is what draws in new followers, so be different and inject some of your own company personality into your content. If you’ve just created a new product that you want to promote, post a photo of it with your own clever slogan or tagline. Or solidify an idea that’s all yours. For example, edit every photo you post so that it’s black and white and only features one pop of color – you’ll be known for your photo personality.


In the world of marketing, colors play a major role and there’s nowhere that’s more true than with visual content. The colors you choose can affect how your social media followers react to your post, so consider the mood you want to evoke: reds can insight romance and excitement, which is great for targeting couples, while blacks promote seriousness and sophistication and are great for a more professional audience. Yellow is a good choice for children and green is a good choice for those who are environmentally conscious.


No, infographics are not dead. In fact, they’re still an effective way to convey a specific message in a piece of visual content that’s easily shareable. Try creating your own infographic that includes beneficial facts or data about your products or services. It can be in the form of a pie chart, a playful list, a creative graphic, or any other design that’s attention-grabbing.

Audience Inclusion

Social media followers love being involved, so why not create visual content that engages with your audience? Not sure whether to create your next product in blue or green? Create a visual of both and ask your followers which they’d rather see. You can also use your followers to help you find a great image or video for your social media page. Not only will they feel involved, but you’ll receive new content that you can share and will know others like.