Social media can be a powerful sales tool and while some campaigns may not have quite the influence you hope for, others can give you great results. Here are five social media campaigns that led to increased business, compliments of CNBC:

Coca-Cola’s “Remove Labels”

The idea of Coca-Cola’s “Remove Labels” film was to question prejudices in the United Arab Emirates. After it was launched, it got more than 18 million views and resulted in a 51 percent increase of Coca-Cola consumption.

Plume Labs’ Pigeon Air Control

Tech start-up Plume Labs focused on air pollution in London and posted updates of its findings on Twitter. The coverage helped the company raise more than $12,647 in crowd funding in just three days.

Scoot Airlines’ Social Matrix

Scoot Airlines, a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, used online research to analyze customer travel information and compared it with Facebook data about certain types of people. They were then able to promote certain destinations (like Sydney and Queensland) to specific groups and saw a 157 percent sales increase to those destinations.

Wilkinson Sword’s Facebook Couples

This U.K. company focused on the thirty percent of men in the U.K. that have facial hair. On Facebook, they held a makeover contest and invited women to “choose a new look for their beardy boyfriends.” Of the 1,000 men chosen, 90 percent said they were going to switch to Wilkinson Sword.

Jose Cuervo’s “Write Your Cinco”

To increase their appeal to Mexican-American millennials, Jose Cuervo encouraged 25 to 34-year-olds to send in their stories about Cinco de Mayo. They hired Puerto Rican actor Luis Guzman to narrate his favorites and the promotion led to a 9 percent sales increase.