July 28, 2017 by Alyssa / In Web Design

When it comes to web design, ecommerce is usually looked at as the most basic of them all and while that’s not untrue, ecommerce web design has developed quite significantly over the years. From things like responsive design to easy-to-use shopping carts, many improvements have been made to make the buying experience easier for the customer.

Here, we share a few of the latest web design trends for ecommerce websites:


When a shopper is confused by something like the check-out process, shipping fees, product information, or something else on your website, they’ll likely abandon their cart and head elsewhere. This is where chatbots come in. By implementing a chatbot on your ecommerce web design, you give your customers a way to quickly and easily interact with you and clear up any questions or confusion they may have. This can push the focus towards a smooth transaction.

Long Scrolling

While long scrolling has emerged as a web design trend in recent years, we’re also seeing it grow on he ecommerce side of things. Creating a web design that features a single, long page can keep your customer’s focus and gives you a way to tell a story or provide background information that they may need before they begin purchasing. And the great thing about long-scrolling pages is that you can have more than one!

Material Design

Material design is nothing new, but it’s still going strong when it comes to ecommerce websites. Many successful companies turn to things like bold colors, responsive animations, shadow impacts, call-to-action icons, and card design, to create a clean, tidy, and easy-to-use web design for their customers. These elements come in especially handy when converting a desktop design to mobile, as it makes for easy navigation.

Motion Animation

Motion animation is perhaps the latest and most creative element of ecommerce web design; it uses the power of motion to capture someone’s attention and give them a more complete buying experience. From things like scroll fade-ins to menu transitions to animated charts and more, you can feature certain parts of your website in an eye-catching way. And best of all – the possibilities are virtually endless!