The Benefits of Customer Reviews

customer reviews

There are many benefits to getting customer reviews about your business. When you’re on the inside all the time, it’s hard to see things from the outside, and customer reviews can help you do that. Customers are almost always willing to talk about their experience with a company, and reviews can give you an honest and fair assessment of your performance.

Positive Reviews

Consider positive reviews as little pats on the back. It’s always nice to know that you’ve been doing something right and you can use those reviews to make notes – what did you do that was so successful? How can you replicate what inspired the feedback? Positive reviews are the ones that give you motivation and can strengthen your relationship with your customers.

Negative Reviews

Even negative reviews can have a positive impact on your business. While they may not enhance your reputation right away, they can make you a better company. Negative reviews are your key to addressing things that need help. If you’ve noticed that a number of customers have complained about a specific product or service, then maybe it’s time to fix it. You can use negative reviews to create new goals and constructive feedback.


Whether it’s an above-ground pool or a flight on a foreign airline, in today’s world of technology, people constantly research the things they’re interested in buying. Most people are influenced by customer reviews; in fact, 80% of consumers change their mind about a product when they read a negative review about it. And the ones who buy something they like? They’ll probably share their experience online and by word of mouth. This means that with a successful product or service, your business could gain popularity and exposure.

Search Engine Results

By encouraging people to submit a review about your business, you’re also encouraging your search engine results. Each time your business is mentioned online, search engine spiders will take it into account when ranking you. The more positive customer feedback you get, the more likely you’ll be to satisfy search engines.
If you haven’t received many reviews yet, send out an email to your current customers and ask them to take a minute to give you feedback. You can also encourage others to review you by creating a “reviews” page on your website.

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