May 11, 2016 by Alyssa / In Marketing

If you own a small business or are thinking about beginning one, here are a few helpful tips from our digital marketing company on what NOT to do:

Think you’re always right.

Yes, you may own your business, but that doesn’t mean you’re always right – especially if you’re a first-time business owner. If you’re not sure about something, talk to someone who’s been there before. They’ll probably have some good advice. Even if you’re wrong about something, you’re bound to be more successful when you put your pride aside and do what’s best.

Choose a complicated name.

If you still haven’t chosen a name for your business, make sure it’s something that everyone can spell, pronounce, and remember. Use something catchy, a play on words, or something familiar. Just try to stay away from long, complicated names.

Get distracted.

When you decide on a business tactic, stick to it. Letting too many ideas clutter your head can destroy your focus and send you into an entrepreneurial frenzy. Keep track of  important ideas by writing them down, then refer back to them when you need them.

Choose a sub-par accountant.

You want your business to do well and you get what you pay for, so don’t settle for an accountant who doesn’t know the ropes of a small business. Spend a little extra money on someone who has experience.

Disregard social media marketing.

It’s hard to ignore all the hype about social media these days. Whatever you do, don’t brush it off. Social media can help your reputation, your sales, your customer communication, and your popularity. You just need someone who knows how to take control of it. (Which is where our Internet marketing firm’s digital marketing skills come in.)

Pick favorites.

If everyone knows which employees you like most, the rest of your employees will feel unappreciated. When you’re unappreciated, you probably won’t be motivated to do your best and get things done, so set a good example and treat everyone equally.

Think of your customers as profit.

Businesses that actually care about their customers and stay in contact with them are more successful than businesses that treat their customers like breathing dollar bills.  If things get dicey, put yourself in the customers’ shoes and think “what would I want this company to do?”

Think a flashy website is the key to success.

Everyone likes a website that’s eye-catching, but if that’s all your website is, you won’t get very far when it comes to sales conversions. You need a website with content that’s optimized to get you higher in search engine rankings and a design that’s easily navigable.  (That’s what our  responsive web design is for.)


Procrastination gets you nowhere, so set aside some time to get a task done and actually do it. You’ll feel much better once it’s done.

Make promises you won’t/can’t keep.

No one likes a liar. If you promise a client that you’ll do something for them, live up to it.  They’ll not only respect you for following through, they’ll be able to depend on you in the future.