Client expectation is a major part of any marketing program and many times, we’re asked “When can I expect to see results?” It’s normal to want to put a timeline on the success of your SEO program, but there are a lot of variables that need to be taken into consideration in order for our efforts to pay off.

Your Website’s Age

One thing that can either accelerate or delay results for your SEO campaign is how old your website is. Typically, search engines consider sites with older domains more credible, which is why it’s usually more beneficial to have an existing site redesigned rather than starting from fresh. Sites that have had time to establish a trust with search engines have a better chance at a more favorable placement on search engine results pages. This isn’t to say that a new site won’t be able to get a good ranking, it simply means that you will need to invest more time to establish a reputable relationship with search engine spiders.

Search engine spiders are a major part of what controls the success of your campaign. Their purpose is to index all of the information that is on your website, rate it for credibility, check your incoming and outgoing links, and inspect the quality of your site’s coding. The better all of these things are, the faster the spiders index your site and the more likely it will be closer to the top of search engine results pages.


One thing that can either be beneficial or frustrating to clients is Google’s constant algorithm updates. While some updates may make indexing changes for the better, others can hurt a website’s credibility or move it down the results list. Unfortunately, these updates are out of our control and if they affect your website in a bad way, we’ll do everything we can to reestablish your credibility. However, you’ll have to keep in mind that it may take some time to get your website back to where it as.

Patience Is Key

The bottom line is that every website is different and it may take several weeks to see any changes in your SEO. However, patience is key – we promise that the work that we do will pay off and that your website will gain visiblitiy. As time goes on, results tend to come along quicker, so don’t worry and trust our digital marketing experts.

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