March 5, 2014 by Alyssa / In Web Analytics

Tracking the success of your business is a lot easier when you have a digital marketing strategy that works. Many times, companies blindly spend money on strategies without the ability to determine how much the strategy is actually helping. They simply trust in the tactic and continue to invest in it month to month. However, simply having a digital marketing strategy doesn’t always mean it’s going to succeed.

Investing in web analytics can help you track exactly what your marketing strategy is doing and how it’s helping or hurting your business. With this monitoring system, you can reassess and refocus your entire marketing campaign to be effective with the least amount of wasted assets. You’ll have access to an array of data – for example, our analytics program provides:

  • The most important keyword phrases in your industry
  • Conversion rates to track your leads
  • Traffic statistics to track your visitors
  • Your ranking on search engine results lists
  • Keyword phrases that generate leads for your business
  • Telephone call monitoring them to track your sales success
  • Website elements to determine which work best for attracting customers

Knowing these specifics will give you the keys you need to customize your digital marketing campaign and achieve the best possible results.

How It Works

Each month, you’ll be able to access all of the above data pertaining to your business. You’ll be able to compare the rise or fall of each area focus on the specific areas that need improvement. Business with access to the solid statistics of their digital marketing campaign have a much easier path to success. You’ll be able to gain the most amount of exposure for your business while spending the least amount of money, maximizing your ROI and your overall profit.

At Prager, our web analytics can help you monitor the success of your digital marketing efforts, so that you can clearly see what tactics are effective. Contact us today for more information.