While social media marketing has its own overall strategy, the strategy for each platform should be different. What works for Facebook may not work for Pinterest; what works for Pinterest may not work for Instagram. When it comes to Twitter marketing, there are certain actions that need to be taken to help build up your brand. At Prager, we can certainly help you do that with a personalized Twitter marketing strategy.

Why Use Twitter?

Before you create a Twitter marketing strategy, it’s important to know what the platform is used for and why your business should be on it. Businesses on Twitter often use it to:

  • Share content
  • Interact with customers
  • Promote products
  • Improve/maintain their reputation

By balancing all of these things on a regular basis, you can maximize your presence on Twitter. At Prager, we can create a strategy that ensures this balance. We’ll not only post original content, we’ll also share content from others. In addition, we’ll communicate with those interested in your business.

A Fast-Paced Platform

Each social media platform is different, which means the amount of activity your business completes will vary. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are casual and only require a few posts per week. Twitter, however, is a fast-paced social media platform and requires a more active presence. Your Twitter marketing strategy should include posting several times per day in order to reach the most people. Most importantly, your audience should see your tweets.

At Prager we create a Twitter marketing strategy that takes both of these things into consideration. As a result, we make sure these things happen. Our Twitter marketing strategy balances tweets each day that are about:

  • Your company
  • Your products or services
  • Industry news
  • Company or industry images
  • Promotions, discounts, or specials
  • Industry tips and tricks
  • Quotes
  • And more!

Hashtags & Mentions

There are ways to increase your exposure and your connections within a Twitter marketing strategy. Hashtags help you reach individuals interested in your industry, brand, community, niche, location, and/or event. In addition, mentioning other Twitter profiles helps build new connections. At Prager, our Twitter marketing strategy incorporates both of these things. Therefore, we can help you increase your social network.

If you’re interested in a Twitter marketing strategy for your business, talk to our experts. We can create a personalized Twitter marketing strategy. Besides maximizing your social media presence, you’ll enjoy an improved reputation and better connections. In addition, if you’re interested in other social media marketing, we also provide marketing for Facebook, Pinterest, and more.