8 Ways to Increase Your Email Open Rates

Make the Most of Your Blasts

While email marketing is an older marketing technique, it’s still successful for a wide array of businesses, and no matter what the email, the subject line plays a huge part in whether or not someone will open that email. Here, our digital marketing firm explains eight ways to increase your email open rates:

Keep It Short

No one wants to read a paragraph to understand what your email is about, so keep your subject lines short and sweet. Just a few words (totaling around 50 characters or less) is enough to capture your recipient’s attention.


Personalization is always a great motivator, so if you can, try to include it in your subject lines. Try using a name, location, or something familiar to your recipient. You can also improve open rates with good timing, such as sending out an email near a person’s birthday and wishing them a happy birthday in the subject.

Don’t Lie

While it may be tempting to stretch the truth in order to encourage more people to open your emails, that’s never a good idea. Even if you improve your open rates, you’ll lose more loyal customers and have a higher unsubscribe rate than you want. Don’t lie about what’s in your email or make promises you can’t keep.

Time It Up

Sending out emails with successful subject lines can be even more successful if you send them out at the right time. Based on what your email is about, do some testing to find out when your recipients are most likely to open it. Try sending a handful in the morning, afternoon, and evening and adjust accordingly.

Choose the Right List

If you constantly send your emails to one long list of people, you may want to consider segmenting that list. While some people may benefit from a certain email, others may not and it may encourage them to unsubscribe. Split your list up based on commonalities and your emails will seem much more helpful to your recipients.

Inspire Action

Email subject lines should inspire your recipients to open your email, so treating them like call-to-actions is always a good idea. Using verbs and creating an urgency can help make your emails more appealing and increase your open rates.

Ask a Question

By asking a question in your email subject line, you’ll promote a need to know the answer and therefore, promote more people to open your email. If you do ask a question, make sure you provide an answer to satisfy your recipients.

Don’t Be Dramatic

If you’ve ever seen an email subject line that’s written in all capital letters, a random mix of lowercase and capitals, or one that has way too many exclamation marks, you probably didn’t open it – and there’s a reason for that. Dramatic subject lines don’t convert as well as ones that are written normally.