How Social Media Affects Your Reputation

social media reputation

Any good business owner knows that having a presence on popular social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn as part of a digital marketing strategy is necessary in order to build connections, but what they should also know is that these presences can affect their business’s reputation. Here’s how:

Employee Accounts

To make your business more transparent and personal, it’s a great idea to have each of your employees create their own private social media accounts. When a company’s employees have a presence on social media as well, it shows that the company really wants to reach out to its audience and build a network.

Before your employees begin posting their own content, however, it’s important to set some rules about what’s appropriate and what’s not appropriate – after all, they’re not only representing themselves, but they’re also representing a business. Once the rules are established, they can create their own following and project a positive reputation for the company.

Customer Service

These days, a lot of customer service happens on social media sites. Many customers take to a company’s social media profile in order to tell them about an issue they may be having and in return, a company should address any concerns quickly and professionally in order to maintain a good reputation. The more interaction you support, the more social you’ll appear and the better you’ll fare among members of your audience.


One of the most obvious ways your social media presence affects your reputation is through the content that you post. By posting a mixture of original and shared content, you can create a well-rounded profile for your business – just make sure the content is beneficial to your audience. Also, remember to use hashtags in your posts to broaden your exposure and create new connections.

At Prager, we’re a social media management company that can help you build an online presence through social media. We can use social media tactics along with other content tactics to make sure you have a positive reputation.