Businesses both large and small have caught onto the fact that they need to have a presence on social media. From Twitter to Facebook to Instagram and more, businesses are using these platforms to advertise their products, share their latest news, and reach out to customers. Some major brands like Pepsi, Whole Foods, and Southwest Airlines have millions of followers, but does having millions of followers mean those followers buy your brand?

Age Factor

While people of all ages are active on social media, the way they use it and what they use it for differs. Just last month, Sprout Social polled 1,000 internet users in the baby boomer, Gen-X, and millennial categories. It found that Gen-Xers and millennials are twice as likely to follow a brand on social media compared to baby boomers.

People of different ages also follow brands for different reasons. The poll found that millennials follow for information and for entertainment while Gen-Xers follow for contests and deals. Baby boomers follow for a mix of both information and deals.

Who Buys?

Even though age affects which brands individuals follow, it doesn’t affect whether or not they buy from them. Around 70 percent of Gen-Xers, 60 percent of millennials, and 50 percent of baby boomers say they are likely to buy something from a brand that they follow.

In addition, they’re even more likely to buy when they’ve had a positive interaction with the brand. So if you own a business and are present on social media, make sure you respond to your customers in a timely and friendly manner – it could up your chances of them becoming a customer.