The Three Components of a Website: Design, Functionality, Analytics


Congratulations – you’ve started your own business! Now all you need to do is create you own website. Why? Because if you haven’t noticed, we live in a world ruled by technology and a website is going to be how people find you, how you advertise your products, and how you stay connected with people.

Now, your first thought may be to build a flashy website that catches people’s attention, but that’s not exactly the best idea. Many people think that bold colors, lively graphics, and cool designs are the key to gaining a customer base. While they’re attention-grabbing, they won’t do much to help you understand what your visitors look for in a website. What you do want is a website that attracts people but also functions as its own advertising campaign.

Design & Functionality

That said, you need to build a website that’s both eye-catching and user-friendly. We know flamboyant designs are impressive, but they’re even more impressive when they’re functional. The easier your site is to navigate through, the better. When visitors can easily click through your website to find what they’re looking for, they’re less likely to bounce back to the previous website or another website. So do some research – check out your competitors’ websites; brainstorm design ideas with your employees; put yourself in the website visitor’s shoes, etc. Try to create a website that grabs your visitor’s attention, then smoothly leads them through what your company is all about.


Once you decide on a way to appeal to your potential customers (both in design and functionality), implement some web analytics. With web analytics, you can keep track of your website’s rankings, understand which pages get the most traffic, and track how your visitors move throughout your website. This can help you take control of your potential customer base. When you know what your visitors are going to do, you can design your web pages and pathways so that they lead them right where you want them to be – on your sales page.

We understand what appeals to people and what will bring your business results. Give our web analytics team a call today and let us kick-start your success.