A Few Tips for Tidying Up Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to stay in touch with your customers and keep them updated about your products or services. Whether you send out the emails or receive them, there are a few ways to tidy up your world of email marketing. In this blog, our digital marketing company shares some tips on how to tidy up both your email marketing campaign and all of the emails you receive in your inbox.

Get Rid of Your Trash

Do you have 1,000 emails in your inbox? You’re not alone. Many people read (or sometimes don’t read) their emails and then simply leave them in their inbox. After awhile, that inbox number will likely get out of control and by then, it’s too late. Don’t make the same mistake again – once you read an email, put it in a folder or delete it immediately. You’ll keep your inbox cleaner and easier to navigate.

Switch up Your Design

Have you been using the same email marketing design for months? Give your marketing a refresh and create something new for your audience. Whether it’s a new color scheme, new layout, new language, or new graphics, your recipients will appreciate the update. And who knows – you may just increase your click-through rate.

Reduce Your Subscriptions

Are you subscribed to a variety of different blogs, newsletters, company updates, sales flyers, etc.? Chances are there are even subscriptions you didn’t subscribe to. Take a minute and decide which you actually read and which you rarely read. Then, unsubscribe to the ones that don’t serve a positive purpose in your email life. You’ll be glad you did.

Trim Your List

If you have a long list of email subscribers, it’s likely that a chunk of that list isn’t actually interested in what you’re emailing. To makes sure you’re reaching people who matter, create a re-confirmation email and send it out to your list. Once you receive the confirmed responses, you’ll know who actually wants to be emailed. You can use this new list as your go-to email marketing list.