Scenario: You own a bicycle shop in San Francisco, California called “The Spokes Man,” but you haven’t optimized your company’s website for visibility. If a local biker knows the name of your shop and types in “The Spokes Man” on a search engine, he’ll be able to find you. But say he doesn’t know your shop’s name and instead, he types in “bike shops in San Francisco.”

If you haven’t optimized your website for the phrase “bike shops in San Francisco,” it’s not likely he’ll find you. And if he can’t find you, he’s certainly not going to buy a bike from you.

Here is a great article on the basics of the best SEO practices.

When it comes to increasing your online traffic, it’s important to know how to optimize your website. If  done correctly, optimizing your website will help you improve your search engine visibility, your search engine rank, your user experience, and your overall credibility. Here are a few quick tips for successful optimization:

1. Avoid duplicate content: Duplicate content is not only a red flag to search engine spiders, but also to users visiting your website. Make sure that all of the content throughout your website is unique and engaging.

2. Conduct keyword research: This will not only help you rank higher on search engine results, but will also help you understand the most important keyword phrases in your industry.

3. Use unique meta tags: By using unique title tags and description tags, you’ll be able to control the first thing your visitors see about your company in their search engine results.

4. Write good content: Good content is not only optimized for keyword phrases, it’s also written in a way that will engage your visitor.

5. Strive for exposure: Make sure your company can be found on every major search engine so your website can get the most possible traffic.

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