September 30, 2015 by Alyssa / In General

While you may be a great worker, we know there are days where you’re just not as motivated to get things done. We’ve all had these days (some of us more than others), but there are ways to break the dullness and put a spring back in your step. Here are some favorite tips from our digital marketing agency:

Make Use of Variety

Monotony is a culprit of discouragement, (who really wants to do the same thing over and over again?) which means just by creating a variety, you can make things more interesting for yourself. Each day, try to assign yourself tasks that are different so that you mix up your day and stay alert.

Create Incentives

What’s better than completing a task? Completing a task and getting a reward for it! Motivate yourself to get your work done by creating a little treat at the end of it. It can be something like a candy bar, a Facebook break, your favorite latte, or anything else that makes you want to get the job done.


You most likely see the same desk every day with the same framed photos, notes, trash can, paper trays, and more. Shake things up by reorganizing your necessities. Shift around the drawers of your desk, put your photos in a different area, or replace the colors of your mini whiteboard markers. You can even move your monitor and keyboard for a change of scenery.

Think Positively

It may sound simple, but by thinking positive and empowering thoughts, you can psych yourself up to do well at work. Try waking up to a different piece of advice every day or invest in a positive daily quote calendar.

Get Feedback

If you complete your work on a regular basis without receiving any feedback on it, you won’t know how well (or how bad) of a job you’re doing. Make it a point to get feedback on each task you do. If it’s positive, you’ll be excited to achieve your next goal; if it’s negative, it’ll give you a reason to try even harder next time.

Be Happy

This is another tip that sounds too simple to be effective, but it can make a big difference. While you probably don’t have the power to completely rewrite your job description, you probably have the power to make small changes. Think about what changes would make you happy and confront your manager or boss about them. When you’re happy, you’re much more likely to get things done faster and easier.

Make Your Day Manageable

Studies have shown that when we’re exposed to too many choices, our brain shuts down and we simply can’t make one. On that note, don’t overdo your day. Trying to get too many things done will hurt more than help, so decide each morning what you can take on and stick to it.

Stay Healthy

Health is an important part of being able to stay motivated. Try to eat healthy (create a well-balanced diet), get plenty of sleep (6-8 hours each night), and exercise regularly (aim for 30 minutes of physical activity every day). When you keep your body in shape, you’ll not only feel better, but you’ll think more clearly.