8 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Web Development Agency

web development agency

Do you like the websites the agency has built?

If you’re going to hire a company to develop and maintain your website, liking their previous work is a good starting point. If you like what they’ve done, you’ll fell more confident trusting them with helping you.

Are they willing to compromise?

While a web development company may have a certain way of doing things or an idea for what may be good for your business, are they willing to compromise when you push back? If not, you may not get what you’re looking for and may undergo more stress than necessary trying to get it.

Do they have a good communication policy?

If you’re paying a business to develop or redevelop a website for you, being able to communicate with them is key. Will you be able to talk directly to whomever is handling your build? If not, trying to communicate through a manager or secretary could get confusing.

Will the agency look through your website before making changes?

It’s entirely possible that there are some parts of your website that don’t need to be changed. A web development agency that takes these elements into consideration before getting to work is more likely to be honest and up-front than one that immediately starts altering your website.

Do they create responsive websites?

With so many people surfing the Internet on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, it’s mandatory that your website be responsive. If you find a web development agency that doesn’t employ responsive design, there’s no guarantee that your audience will be able to read or navigate your website well on their device.

Are their developers in-house?

An agency that does its work in-house is one you can rely on. When an agency outsources web development tasks, things could get lost in translation or not turn out the way you (or they) wanted them to. Find out if the agency’s developers are in-house.

Do they offer a quote up front?

There’s nothing worse than thinking you’re paying one price and ending up paying something entirely different. Before you sign the paperwork, make sure this agency gives you a fair quote up front and that they’ll stick to it throughout the process.

What’s the hosting situation like?

Once your website is done, will the agency be hosting it or will you need to find a server on your own? The sooner you know, the better you can prepare.