December 15, 2017 by Alyssa / In Web Design

Each year, our web design company shares seven of the web design trends we believe we’ll be seeing more of through the year. Here, we share our thoughts for the trends of 2018:


Both web design and mobile design have largely featured right angles and sharp edges, but this year, we think we’re going to see more creative shapes. Look for spherical shapes as well as rounded edges and fresh angles. In addition, we’ll likely see more drop shadows and depth.

Scroll-and-Element Combinations

Parallax scrolling was a big trend for the past couple years and while it may not be completely done, we believe the popularity will die down a bit. In its place, you’ll find websites that link their elements to the way that they scroll (whether they pause, travel faster, or fade).

Grid Layouts

To go slightly against the idea of abstract shapes, our web design experts believe we’ll continue to see the asymmetry and “broken” grid layouts that were introduced last year. Look for unique and experimental types of design to come forward in websites with little content and overall minimalistic feels.

Serif Fonts

For years, web designers stuck to regular sans-serif fonts to please simpler interfaces, but today, more and more designers are embracing serif typefaces (as well as more experimental fonts in general). You may not notice a serif font at first, but pay attention and they’ll likely be more prominent than you realize.

Particle Backgrounds

We think animation will see more of a spotlight this year and moving particle backgrounds will likely be part of that. These backgrounds give businesses a way to make an immediate impression on their visitors without having to deal with video background issues (load times, design clash, etc.).

Bolder Colors

Over the past few years, web designers have been experimenting with bolder, more adventurous colors and our web design experts believe we’ll see a step even further in that direction. With new tools and an opportunity for personalization, designers will continue experimenting this year.


The term “minimalism” has applied to web designs in the past few years, but this year may be the beginning of just the opposite (or “maximalism”). Instead of clean, simple designs, be on the lookout for designs with lots of colors, lots of shapes, and overall, lots to look at.

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