6 Ways to Make Your E-Commerce Site More User-Friendly

The entire point of an e-commerce website is to make it easy for your customers to shop for your products, so don’t make things hard by failing to take user experience into consideration. In addition to having clear, visible buttons and a sleek design, your website should include things like:

Product Organization

There’s nothing worse than visiting a website hoping to buy something and then not being able to find what you’re looking for. This can easily happen if your product pages aren’t organized. Whether your products are classified by color, size, use, or another element, having an easy-to-navigate system will benefit your customers and give them a more positive experience.

Visible Cart Icon

When consumers shop online, they like to keep an eye on their purchases as they make them. Having a shopping cart icon that’s easily visible can help them keep track of the number of purchases they’ve made and give them a fast way to checkout. Try an icon that’s a different color from the rest of the website or one that’s large enough to spot easily.

Search Bar

You may not think much about the need for a search bar until you need it and don’t have it. If your e-commerce site includes a wide array of products, give your customers a way to search for what they’re looking for (and make it easy to find).

No Registration Required

Have you ever gone to buy something online and when it came time to check out, you weren’t able to do so unless you sign up for an account with the company? While this may not seem like much of a problem, more people than you think are turned off by the need for registration and can end up leaving your website altogether. When it comes to check-out options, make sure you include a “guest” check-out where customers can simply buy their product without signing up.

Product Photos

In addition to product organization, you should really include product photos. Consumers like to see what they’re buying and if they can’t, there’s a good chance they’ll become skeptical about it and may opt out of purchasing anything at all. When you do add photos, make sure they look professional and try to add more than one photo for each product, if possible.

Social Media Icons

Today, there are millions of businesses on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more, and when a customer wants to reach out to them on one of these platforms, they often go to their website to find their social media icons. If your business is on social media (and it should be), make your social media icons clickable and easy to find. Even if they’re at the bottom of your page, they should stand out against your background.

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