The first thing someone sees when they enter your website is your landing page, and if it’s not a successful landing page, your visitor is going to hit their “back” button pretty quickly. Not only will you lose your chance at getting their attention, you’ll lose your chance at making them a customer and gaining exposure for your business.

We know you don’t want this to happen. That’s why your landing page needs to be engaging. If you experience a high bounce rate for your landing page, here are some things you may be doing wrong:

Poor Design

When you click on a website, what’s something that catches your eye almost immediately? The design. You’ll notice the color scheme, the whitespace, the typography, the layout, and more within seconds and in the back of your head, you’ll have already formed an opinion about this business. If your landing page is doing any of the aforementioned things badly, you’ll risk a bad first impression and therefore, a harder sell.

Slow Load

These days, everyone wants everything immediately, and that includes websites. There’s nothing more frustrating than clicking on a link and having it take (what seems like) minutes to load. The same goes for a landing page. If you click into a website and the landing page takes a lot longer to load than it should, you’re probably going to become impatient and click on another (faster) website instead.

Too Much/Bad Content

Your visitors want to know what exactly it is that you do or sell, so make sure you explain it successfully. Break your business down into several short, home-hitting points and focus on those to explain. Too much content can make a visitor lose focus and become disinterested. In addition, bad content can simply turn them away. If your landing page content is full of spelling errors or is too professional or too laid-back, the voice of your business will get lost (and so will your visitor).

Weak CTAs

As their name states, call-to-actions are used to encourage someone to click through for more information about your business, to sign up for a free trial, to join an email list, and more. The whole idea is to capture their attention and move them forward through the sales process. If your CTAs are misplaced, too small, the wrong color, or worded badly, you’ll have a smaller chance of reeling in your customers and creating more business.

No Creativity

These days, everyone has a website – which means it’s becoming more and more difficult to impress. Creativity is a big factor when it comes to landing page appeal, and if you’re using bad stock photos, boring typography, a cheesy website template, or simply nothing that would stand out as creative, you may not reach as many people as you want to. Someone who is impressed by a web design is going to want to read further – even if it’s just for a moment.


We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, if you still don’t have a responsive web design, you’re missing out on an entire world off mobile internet users. No one wants to reach a landing page only to have to zoom in and drag their screen around simply to read what the page says, and this is what happens when your website isn’t optimized for smart phones, tablets, and other devices. Do yourself a favor and optimize your website.

If any of these landing page problems are keeping you from growing your business, talk to our internet marketing experts today. We know exactly what it takes to reach more people and expand your customer base.