Even though every business is different, the underlying success of content marketing can be determined by several simple habits and strategies. Here are six content “don’ts” from our digital marketing company:

Dont: Write without knowing your audience

The whole idea behind content marketing is to be able to appeal to your audience and push them to buy your product or service. You can’t do this if you don’t know who your audience is. Before you develop a content strategy, find out who your company appeals to most – then you can tailor your content in order to connect with them better.

Don’t: Choose quantity over quality

Yes, you should have a significant amount of content on your website, but that doesn’t mean choosing a large amount of poor content over a small amount of quality content. Quality always wins over quantity, so take the time to craft well-written, enticing content that will draw in your website visitors.

Don’t: Be really “sales-y”

Just like no one likes to go to a car dealership and be hounded by a salesman, no one likes to go to a website and read content that’s predominantly “sales-y”. You’ll connect better with your audience if you write in a casual, but professional manner that doesn’t over-promote your product or service.

Don’t: Forget that content is visual

Just like other parts of your website, your content should be considered part of the visual design. Which typography you choose, the size of your font, your headline contrast, and the way your content is laid out are all visual aspects that should be considered when developing your strategy.

Don’t: Steal or duplicate

We’re sure you were taught in school to never plagiarize your writing, and your website content is no different. Write unique, engaging content that will not only satisfy your visitors, but will satisfy the search engines as well.

Don’t: Assume everyone knows your industry

Even if you’re in the pest control industry, not everyone knows the ins and outs of your business, so take the time to explain things that may be unknown to those on the outside. Something as simple as this can help form a trustworthy, reliable relationship with your customers; they’ll be more inclined to learn more and to ask any questions they may have.

At Prager, our digital marketing company knows how to avoid all of these “don’ts” and only focus on the “do’s”. If you’re in need of some content help, contact us today.