September 1, 2016 by Admin / In General

When you’re in a position of leadership, you deal with an abundance of decision making, stressful situations, and the needs of other people. So how can you stay on top of things and make every day count? Follow these tips from our digital marketing company:

1. Start interactions off right

Whether you talk to someone face-to-face or over the phone, the first minute or so sets the tone for the entire conversation. When in person, make eye contact and speak slowly. If you’re leading a meeting, look around the room at every person and remind everyone what the purpose of the meeting is before you begin.

If you’re on the phone, keep your voice bright and listen thoroughly. It even helps to smile – the person on the other line will be able to hear the smile in your voice.

2. Balance events with creativity

As a boss, your schedule is probably filled with meetings, phone calls, emails, and other to-do events. When most of your day consists of time-specific events, however, there is little room for creativity and flexibility. This can easily hinder your motivation and energy, so try not to dedicate more than 60% of your schedule to events.

3. Have a life

Having a life outside of your job is healthy. It not only takes your mind off of working, but it stimulates your brain, so dedicate some time to exercising, relaxing with friends, watching movies, or taking up some new hobbies.

4. Evaluate and re-evaluate

On a regular basis, evaluate and re-evaluate your company to figure out how you can make it more streamlined. If there are employees, vendors, buyers, or other people who are slowing down your business, decide whether you could succeed with someone else instead.

Also, pay attention to how work is distributed throughout your departments and decide if there’s a better way to make things run more smoothly.

5. Be healthy

A simple tip, but living a healthy lifestyle will not only keep your brain sharp, but will also keep your energy up. You’ll be able to make better decisions and get more things done every day, so eat healthy, get a good amount of sleep, and stay active.