At Prager, writing blog articles is one of our content marketing specialties and over the years, we’ve noticed that certain types of blogs are read more than others. If you’re thinking about starting a blog (or already have one), keep these types of articles in mind when you write:


When you don’t know how to do something, you turn to an expert for advice, right? Showcase your knowledge and write a how-to blog article. If you’re a bakery, write a how-to on icing textures and flavors. If you’re a clothing store, write a how-to on dressing for your body type. If you’ve built up a good reputation, you’ll attract readers who trust you.


People want information now, which is why they love lists – they’re easy to read, they’re quick to read, and they break down what you need to know so you can absorb all of the content in a hurry. Try writing blog entries that feature numbered lists (like this one!) to grab the attention of more visitors.

Inside Info

Those who are interested in your company are always interested in what’s going on there, so keep them up to date! If you recently introduced a new product or service, dish out the details. If you’re hosting an event, share the news. People even love some insight into the employees and strategies that help make your company successful.


With so many how-to articles about what you should do, it’s easy to catch the attention of someone by telling them what they shouldn’t do. Try a blog article like “common mistakes when choosing a car” or “10 ways to fail at advertising.” We wrote one titled “Content Marketing: 15 Words to Use and 10 Words Not to Use.”


If you’re willing to write a blog post that showcases your opinion on a situation, go for it. People love reading opinions – mainly because it’s easy for them to either take your side or completely disagree. Either way, they’ll likely share your content with others who have the same point of view.

At Prager, we offer blog writing as one of our content marketing services. So if you don’t have the time to blog or blogging just isn’t for you, we can help! Contact us today!