5 Tips for a Better Small Business Reputation

For small businesses, positive word-of-mouth is what leads to sales and in today’s technological world, most of that positive word-of-mouth comes from your online reputation. If you’re a B2C company, image is everything and here, our digital marketing experts share five tips for keeping the positivity afloat and the negativity minimal:

Regularly Create beneficial content.

If you do a search for your small business and discover that a leading search result shows negative content, you can create positive content to push it further down the list. Positive content is always beneficial for your company – it can help outweigh the negative content and make a better impact on your customers. Try creating blog posts with great titles, posting share-worthy images on social media, offering free downloads, and counteract criticism by responding quickly and politely.

Under-promise and over-deliver.

Expectations are everything when you try a new business for the first time and over-delivering can help you stand out from your competition. Try wowing your customers with unmentioned benefits, outstanding customer service, a first-time buyer special, or something else that makes a big impact. If you need to, you can even purposely not mention an advantage of your company to increase the element of pleasant surprise.

Remember the word-of-mouth rate.

On average, negative word-of-mouth reaches more than twice as many people as praise, which means even if you have one bad review and five good ones, the negative review is likely to have more of an impact on your reputation. We know you can’t please everyone and there’s bound to be at least one customer who’s unsatisfied, but you can neutralize their complaints (and maybe even keep them as a customer) by responding kindly to their review. Be sure to keep the response positive and promise to address the issue in the future.

Push Positive Customer Reviews.

Because of the rate mentioned above, it’s important to push any constructive reviews your small business does get. You want the word-of-mouth about your business to be as positive as possible, so find a way to make your reviews even more public. Create case studies for your most successful clients and turn them into a page on your website. Or make it a point to compile your most recent reviews into a blog post on a regular basis. In addition, retweeting and sharing the feedback you get on your social media channels can help reach more followers and spread the positivity.

Sociability is key.

In today’s online world, customers favor small businesses that have a social presence. If you’re not yet on popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, or Pinterest, our digital marketing experts recommend creating profiles and building a follower base. Once you have followers, you can interact with them regularly to create an identity and push brand loyalty. And as we mentioned earlier, sociability also means addressing both positive and negative feedback to build a responsive reputation and show others you care about your customers.